China Cone Rock Crusher Spring Cone Crushing Machine, Stone Rock Breaking Equipment with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description


Our company has designed Cone Crusher soon after numerous many years of technical improvement and introduction of CZPT ican CZPT d crushing technologies. Our cone crusher can entirely exchange imported items that the merchandise represents CZPT d technological innovation amount in CZPT .


one. CZPT er crushing frequency and eccentricity are adopted to higher the content of fantastic particles in the broken products.
2. Supply powerful crushing CZPT . The pressure arm is CZPT er than any other cone crusher CZPT on the market place. The CZPT er the drive arm is, the better the crushing affect force is. The CZPT drive arm is embodied on the major axis, which has the benefits of decreasing a load of the eccentric bearing, lowering the bearing temperature, and prolonging the support existence of the bearing. The greater crushing force and the totally free-falling drive of the content make the crusher have large frequency and lower CZPT usage
three. The maximum crashing cone stroke will improve the manufacturing ability largely the device designed with big eccentricity and appropriate conical angle to make the machine has a larger discharge volume
four. The distinctive spring safety system is safeguarding from overload to empower international matters and iron blocks through the crushing chamber with no harming the crusher. This technique creates a better reaction pressure than the aged kind crusher. As a result, the higher the crushing power is, the increased is the efficiency.
five. The distinctive hydraulic program can link the cell hydraulic station and the hydraulic cleansing method. Soon after commencing the hydraulic station, increase the support sleeve, tuning sleeve, and rolling mortar wall to make it depart the mainframe physique, thus increasing the space of the crushing chamber and facilitating the cleansing operate.


Working Principle

When the S CZPT Cone Crusher performs, driven by the motor, the eccentric sleeve rotates below the blended action of the triangular belt, massive belt pulley, transmission shaft, bevel pinion and bevel equipment wheel. Then, under the motion of the eccentric sleeve, axis starts to rotate, also. In the course of which, the crushing wall would be occasionally shut to or occasionally absent from the rolling wall. This movement forces materials to be stunned, squeezed and damaged repeatedly in the crushing cavity amongst the crushing wall and the rolling wall. Finally, materials are discharged out of the machine when their fineness reaches the discharging normal.

Area Of Software

Widely employed in metallurgy, design, hydropower, transportation, chemical business, creating components market, appropriate for all kinds of ores and rocks with challenging and medium hardness.


 Solution fundamental parameters

Model Diameter
Cavity sort Feeder size
Minimum discharge port
Motor Total weight
(excluding motor)
Closed side Open up aspect Product Electricity
PYS-B571 3


Fine three 5/8(eighty three) four 1/16(102) 3/8(ten) Y315S-six 75 9.98
PYS-B571 Thick six 3/8(159) 7(a hundred seventy five) one/2(thirteen)
PYS-B0918 Added thick six 1/2(163) 7 1/8(178) 1(twenty five)
PYS-D0904 3


Wonderful 1/2(13) one 5/8(41) one/8(3) 10.5
PYS-D 0571 Medium-sized one 5/16(33) two 3/8(61) 1/8(3)
PYS-D0907 Thick two(fifty one) three(76) 1/4(6)
PYS-B1313 4 1/four


Fantastic 4 3/8(109) five 3/8(137) one/2(13) JS126-six 155 24.2
PYS-B1321 Medium-sized 7 1/2(188) eight 1/4(210) five/8(16)
PYS-B1324 Thick 8 5/8(216) 9 5/8(241) three/4(19)
PYS-B1325 Further thick 9 1/2(238) 10 3/8(259) 1(twenty five)
PYS-D1306 4 1/four


Fantastic 1 1/8(29) two 1/2(sixty four) 1/8(3) 24.six
PYS-D1308 Medium-sized two 1/8(fifty four) 3 1/2(89) one/4(6)
PYS-D1310 Thick 2 3/4(70) four 1/8(one zero five) 3/8(10)
PYS-D1313 Additional thick 3 7/8(ninety eight) five 1/4(133) five/8(16)
PYS-B1620 5 1/two


Fine seven 1/2(188) eight 3/8(209) 5/8(16) JS136-six 240 45
PYS-B1624 Medium-sized 8 1/2(213) nine 5/8(241) seven/8(22)
PYS-B1626 Thick nine 5/8(241) 10 3/4(268) one(25)
PYS-B1636 Added thick thirteen 1/4(331) 14 1/2(368) one 1/2(38)
PYS-D1607 5 1/2


Fantastic one 3/8(35) 2 3/4(268) 3/sixteen(5) 45.six
PYS-D1608 Medium-sized 2 1/8(fifty four) 3 1/2(89) 1/4(6)
PYS-D1613 Thick 3 7/8(98) five 1/4(133) three/8(ten)
PYS-D1614 Added thick 4 5/8(117) 6 1/4(158) one/2(thirteen)
PYS-BC2127 7


Fantastic 10 1/8(253) 11 1/8(278) three/4(19) Y400/Y450-six 400 104
PYS-BC2133 Medium-sized 12 1/8(303) 13 3/8(334) one(twenty five)
PYS-BC2136 Thick 13 3/8(334) 14 3/4(369) 1 1/4(31)
PYS-BC2146 Extra thick 16 3/8(425) 18 1/8(460) 1 1/2(38)
PYS-DC2110 7


Fine two(fifty one) 4 1/8(one zero five) three/16(5) 105
PYS-DC2113 Medium-sized 3 3/4(95) five 1/4(132) three/8(ten)
PYS-DC2117 Thick 5(127) 7(178) 1/2(13)
PYS-DC2120 Extra thick six(152) 8(203) 5/8(16)


Model Open circuit crushing, CZPT sizes of ore discharge crushing output (T / h)
(fifty one)
(sixty four)
PYS-B571       50 65 eighty ninety one hundred          
PYS-B571         65 80 one hundred a hundred and twenty one hundred thirty a hundred and fifty a hundred and eighty    
PYS-B0918                 one hundred thirty 150 a hundred and eighty    
PYS-D0904 30 45 60 seventy five 100                
PYS-D 0571 thirty forty five 60 75 100 one hundred ten              
PYS-D0907     65 eighty a hundred and five one hundred twenty five 140            
PYS-B1313         one hundred twenty a hundred and forty a hundred and sixty one hundred seventy a hundred and eighty 200      
PYS-B1321           a hundred forty five one hundred seventy five 190 220 250 280    
PYS-B1324             190 215 240 275 325 385  
PYS-B1325                 260 three hundred 335 395  
PYS-D1306 forty 65   a hundred and fifteen 150 a hundred and eighty              
PYS-D1308       one hundred fifteen 150 a hundred and eighty              
PYS-D1310       one hundred twenty 175 200 220 235 250        
PYS-D1313             230 245 260        
PYS-B1620           200 225 250 285 325 360    
PYS-B1624               285 320 375 420 460  
PYS-B1626                 330 390 460 five hundred seven hundred
PYS-B1636                     475 525 750
PYS-D1607   100 150 180 230                
PYS-D1608     one hundred fifty 180 230 280 310            
PYS-D1613       210 280 310 340 355 370        
PYS-D1614         280 310 340 355 370        
PYS-BC2127             600 640 785 970 1140    
PYS-BC2133                 950 1140 1270 1570  
PYS-BC2136                   1240 1330 1700 2000
PYS-BC2146                     1380 1850 2140
PYS-DC2110   270 380 460 510 570              
PYS-DC2113       five hundred 570 630 710            
PYS-DC2117         630 670 760 800          
PYS-DC2120           720 820 860 910        


Concerns and Solutions

Q: “In accordance to the working theory of this collection cone crusher, what is actually an issue need to I require to spend attention to throughout the operation? “
A: Attentions throughout procedure-ores have to be in the centre of feed plate which is CS sequence cone crusher spares parts, immediate feeding to the crushing cavity is not permitted, simply because immediate feeding is most likely to bring an overload of crusher, and result in uneven abrasion of lining plate, the highest feeding measurement cannot equal to crusher feed opening dimensions.
Q: “What are the CS collection cone crusher’s certain installation steps? “
A: With the devices, we will ship the instruction, this instruction only consists of the special installation instruction for this equipment CZPT set up details can adhere to standard equipment installation policies.



In a compound pulley program, there is the two a movable pulley and a set pulley. This implies that not only does the load “really feel” lighter, but you can also change the path of the drive. While this kind of configuration can transfer heavy loads quite effortlessly, it comes at the value of necessitating quite a little bit of movement to do the work.
China Cone Rock Crusher Spring Cone Crushing Machine, Stone Rock Breaking Equipment with ce certificate top quality Good price