China Dahan Spring Flexible Screw Conveyor Machine for Powder with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Solution Description

Grain Suction CZPT Plastic Flexible CZPT CZPT is employed for conveying grain from a single area to the other place.The conveying length is 3-thirty meters.

Thorough Pictures

The conveying distance is 3-30 meters.We are skilled manufacturer of conveyor products and take CZPT ized services and CZPT support,our engineers can CZPT ize the hopper,inspection windows, holder, voltage, CZPT , installation measurement according to your specifications.

This merchandise is produced of PVC.

Product Parameters

Remember to advise us in CZPT what sort you need to have.

Product No. Size (Meters) Pipe diameter

Loading Capacity


Motor phase-power


Set up Framework Conveying top
RLS100 4 meter 100mm 5-8 Single period-3kw Automobile mounted Steel screw blade inside Depends on case
  5 meter 100mm 5-8 Single stage-3kw Vehicle mounted Steel screw blade inside of
  six meter 100mm five-eight One period-3kw Car mounted Steel screw blade within
  8 meter 100mm 5-eight Solitary period-3kw Vehicle mounted Metal screw blade inside of




RLS120 four meter 120mm 10-15 A few phase-4KW Motor vehicle mounted Metal screw blade within
  five meter 120mm 10-15 Three section-4KW Automobile mounted Steel screw blade inside
  6 meter 120mm ten-15 3 period-4KW Vehicle mounted Metal screw blade within
  8 meter 120mm ten-15 3 period-4KW Motor vehicle mounted Steel screw blade inside of






The Functions of CZPT items:

one. The screw shaft and the suspension bearing, the head and the tail shaft are all linked by the tongue type. The installation and disassembly do not require axial motion, and the maintenance is hassle-free. CZPT mandrel, much less hanging, less failure details.

2, the use of variable diameter composition, boost the volume of the hanging bearing, to steer clear of contact in between the hanging bearing and the substance, the lifestyle of the hanging bearing can get to a lot more than two a long time.

3. The transmission parts are all related by floating relationship. The suspension bearing is a CZPT joint construction, so that the spiral physique, the suspension bearing and the tail assembly type an integral spiral floating physique, which can freely rotate and avoid with the conveying resistance inside of a particular selection, without jamming. Do not block the material.

4. The head and tail bearing housings are all outside the housing. All bearings adopt multi-layer sealing and sealing engineering, and the bearing has a CZPT services lifestyle.

Safety measures

one. Feeding artifact is ideal not to damp substance.
2. Really feel that the feeding is sluggish, you can shorten it effectively to increase the velocity.
three. Flip on the equipment 1st and then include the content. Stop the content for a single minute ahead of halting to ensure that the tube is empty.
4. The pulley must be tensioned to avert slipping.
5. It is forbidden to stand men and women at the inlet to stay away from hurting people.
6: CZPT suction device (head) 1-1.5 meters absent, not bendable
7: Ahead of employing the gasoline motor, insert the appropriate volume of oil according to the oil dipstick

Our Positive aspects


Route for use

The pneumatic grain suction equipment is suitable for farms, docks, stations, and big grain depots in the Mechanized operations
for bulk and unloading and bulk discharge including loading, unloading, replenishing, unloading, unwinding, dumping, and foodstuff
processing, feed processing, and beer brewing etc.


Preserving labor, high performance, can be transported to selected area, with perform of air drying and dust
removal.Foods experts and agricultural co-operatives. It can also be utilized on farms, feed factories, foods factories, plastic
factories and other locations.


Packaging & CZPT

Packaging & CZPT

We will pack the CZPT CZPT Auger Plastic Flexible CZPT CZPT into free, Skilled,fumigation-free of charge,and requirements wood case according to product dimensions,and 1 established/situation.If you have specific tools you should just tell us.

Firm Profile

HangZhou CZPT Vibrating CZPT ry CO.,LTD.
The CZPT CZPT CZPT Vibrating CZPT ry Co.,LTD, is specialised in the vibrating display gear,vibration machinery series products producer,from the layout and generation to salesprovide a total assembly line services,dedicated to solved all varieties of sieving difficulty,after years of advancement procedure of the introduction of overseas CZPT d technological innovation to increase the orginal screen,and upgrades,for CZPT er screening requipments in phrases ally produced into a skilled manufacturing company in the market of HangZhou vibrating display.


what is the conveying item capability ?    or the diameter do you want?  we have 100mm(5-7t/h), 120mm(8-10t/h), 160mm diameter(15-20t/h).
And the size that you want?

Idler: A driven wheel that does not transmit electricity by way of a shaft. It spins freely, and most pushed pulleys are linked to other equipment, these kinds of as wheels or drives, by means of driveshafts.
China Dahan Spring Flexible Screw Conveyor Machine for Powder with ce certificate top quality Good price