China Engine Parts Accessory Drive Pulley for Cummins Nt855 with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

More  Engine Parts: 
one. Cylinder Block, bushing, cylider liner package, piston cooling nozzle 

2. Cylinder Head, consumption valve, exhaust valve, valve insert, valve spring, valve spring, valve collet, valve rotator, valve stem guidebook, cylinder head gasket 

three. Crankshaft, major bearing, oil seal, vibration damper 

4. Con Rod and Piston, connectng rod, piston, piston pin, piston ring, con rod bearing 

5. Camshaft, camshaft equipment, camshaft bushing 

six. Rocker CZPT , rocker lever shaf, rocker lever cover, rocker lever housing 

seven. Injector, injector cup, injector seal, injector adapter, barrel and plunger 

8. Drinking water Pump, sea water pump, h2o pump shaft, h2o pump impeller, drinking water pump body 
Drinking water pump seal, ball bearing, h2o pump pulle, ywater pump belt, basic hose 

nine. Gasoline Pump, acutator, equipment gas pump, gasoline shutoff valve, fuel pump drive 

10. Oil Pump, oil pump gear, STC valve, oil pump gasket 

11. Alternator, alternator belt, alternator pulley, alternator support 

12. CZPT ting, CZPT , magnetic swap, floor wire 

thirteen. Turbocharger, turbocharger housing, tube lub oil offer, turbocharger repair kit 

14. Admirer Hub, motor enthusiast, supporter belt, loafer pulley, admirer pulley 

fifteen. Manifold, ingestion manifold, exhaust manifold, exhaust blbow, exhaust outle connection 

sixteen. CZPT , oil filter, fuel filter, drinking water filter, air filter 

seventeen. Flywheel, wheel housing 

eighteen. Oil Pan, oil pan, dipstick, oil gauge tube, oil pan gasket 

19. Oil Cooler, oil cooler housing, oil cooler core 

20Thermostat, thermostat housing, thermostat seal 

21. Aftercooler, aftercooler core 

22. Air CZPT , compressor mend kit 

23. Motor Gaskets, upper motor gaskets, lower engine gaskets 

24. Instruments, piston resource, cylinder liner resource, injector instrument, timing toolr, epair tool 

twenty five. Manuals, component catalogue, store manuals, procedure mauals, maintance mauals 

26. CZPT ctric Parts, gauge, sensor, hourmeter, magnectic choose up, tachometer, oil stress switch, EFC governer, temperature switch 

27. Muffler 

28. Heater 

29. Radiator

Engine Design SO. NO. Power
Torque N.m/r/min
KT38-P1000 SO66188 746/1800( CZPT CZPT )
KTA38-P1200 SO66189 895/1800( CZPT CZPT )
KTA38-P1400 SO66190 1045/1800( CZPT CZPT )
NT855-C280 SO13294 184/1900 1061/1300
NTA855-C310 SO13310 231/2100 1261/1400
NTA855-C360 SO13284 269/2100 1464/1400
NTA855-C360 SO13516 269/2100 1464/1400
NTA855-C360 SO13730 269/1800 1464/1300
NTA855-C400 SO13244 298/2100 1559/1500
KT19-C450 SO40069 335/2100 1830/1500
KT19-C450 SO40138 335/2100 1830/1500
KT19-C450 SO45713 335/2100 1830/1500
KT19-C450 SO40342 335/2100 1830/1500
KTA19-C525 SO40141 392/2100 2136/1500
KTA19-C525 SO45718 392/2100 2136/1500
KTA19-C525 SO45714 392/2100 2136/1500
KTA19-C525 SO40330 392/2100 2136/1500
KTA19-C525S10 SO40389 392/2100 2136/1500
KTA19-C600 SO45716 448/2100 2237/1500
QSK19-C760 SO41571 567/2100 3085/1500
KTA38-C1050 SO65712 783/2100 4068/1500
KTA38-C1200 SO60193 854/1900 4475/1500
KTA38-C1200 SO60146 895/2100 4475/1500
KTA38-C1400 SO65719 1045/1800 4550/1500
KTA50-C1600 SO65715 1194/2100 5966/1500
KTTA50-C2000 SO65715 1492/1900 7864/1500


Engine Product SO. NO. Electricity
Torque  N.m/r/min
KTA19-C525 SO40009 392/2100 2170/1300
KTA19-C525 SO40057 373/2100 1870/1500
KT19-C450 SO40155 335/2100 1830/1500
KTA19-C525 SO40268 392/2100 2237/1300
KTA19-C525S10 SO40346 373/2100 1870/1500
KTA19-C525S10 SO4571 392/2100 2237/1300
KTA19-C525S10 SO40380 392/2100 2237/1300
KTA19-C600S10 SO40399 448/2100 2237/1300
KTTA19-C700 SO4571 522/2100 2730/1400
KTTA19-C700 SO4 0571 522/2100 2730/1400
QSK19-C760 SO41015 522/2100 2480/1500
NT855-C280 SO10002 175/1800 1078/1250
NTA855-C360 SO10003 257/2000 1509/1400
NT855-C280-T180 SO10571 149/1850 923/1250
NT855-C280 SO10060 187/1850 1131/1200
NTC-290 SO10092 216/2100 1261/1300
NTA855-C360 SO10098 268/2100 1464/1500
NT855-C310 SO15716 231/2100 1261/1500
NT855-C280 SO15719 185/2100 1097/1500
NT855-C280 SO10122 142/1850 877/1250


Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and translates according to the movement of the pulley or belt. This is usually utilised in blocking and deal with systems, which I will clarify later on.
China Engine Parts Accessory Drive Pulley for Cummins Nt855 with ce certificate top quality Good price