China High Speed Automatic Continues Dry Type Steel Wire Straight Line Metal Wire Drawing Machine for CO2 Welding Wire Spring Wire with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

one. LZ-9/1200 Strand Drawing CZPT CZPT er Record

2. Technical parameters

two.1. Drawing Block diameter and quantity of blocks: φ1200mm ,9 blocks.

2.2. Inlet wire diameter: φ14-φ9, outlet diameter:φ9-φ3.

2.3. Max compression ratio 21%, Min.fifteen%.

2.4. Designed pace 8m/s, doing work speed 5-7m/sPay-off pace ~ 2 m/s.


Wire dia.
of  dies
Aver.purple. Material
Eff. Actual
input output kg/hour t/yr t/yr
8 three.18 eighty four.2% 9 18.fifty four% 0.82 7 75% 1178 8480 16960
eleven four.25 eighty five.1% 19.05% seven 2104 15146 35713
12 four.25 87.5% twenty.sixty% seven 2104 15146 35713
12.five five.05 eighty three.7% eighteen.24% six 2546 18330 36661
twelve.five five.05 eighty three.7% eighteen.24% 6 2546 18330 36661


2.5. Inlet wire energy: less than 1250MPa  Outlet wire toughness 1960 MPa

two.6. Cooling type:

Drawing Block cooling: utilizing forced circulation h2o and unbiased air cooling, with water stream display drinking water flow sensor, this sensor switches off the drawing machine when the water pressure and water flow dropsDrawing Block temperature: max 30°C

Die box cooling: close-kind water cooling, with water movement screen

2.7. Start & regular stop time: 5-30s crisis stop: 3s


2.8. Equiped with synchronizing shell out-off and take-up equipment


two.9. Spool size (in just take-up spooler): 

Ø five hundred(barrel) X 964(overall width) X  Ø 1250(flange), internal dia. Ø120, spool fat: 3500 kg

2.ten. Each group drawing machine can be jog managing or hyperlink operating


two.eleven. With corrector, and meter counter counter precision .1%


three. Main components


3.1. Pay-off stand: 

non twisting structure, fly jib and horizontal mixture

three.1.1 Shell out-off max. Load: 5T

three.1.2 Shell out-off stand whole size: 9000 sliding beam duration: 6000

three.1.3 Fly jib threading lever has a guidebook pulley.


three.2. Wire drawing unit

three.2.1. Drawing machine rack

Every drawing device works as an impartial rack, 1st-9th rollers slanting set up, Wire accumulation top of drawing blocks: about 300mm,The ninth rail is assembled with the guide roller

three.2.2. Drawing motor

Motor CZPT : NO.1-9, a hundred and ten KW rotating velocity: 960rpm,Electricity source 380V 50HZ

three.2.3 Reducer CZPT

Reducer CZPT vertical input output vertically upward cone cylindrical equipment transmission as hardened reducer to guarantee the provider lifestyle of 30,000 hrs. Reducer sounds is considerably less than eighty five db Equipped with lubricating oil pump, filter and oil cutting-off protection. Reducer CZPT lubricating oil applies L-CKD320(GB5903-1995).

three.2.4. Drawing block

 All the capstan materials: Forging steel 42CrMo alloy steel, area hardening, hardness ≥ HRC58, guaranteeing accrued line peak greater than 300, and the services life much more than 3 yeas.The inside surface area of all the Drawing Blocks has anticorrosive coating

three.2.5. CZPT admirer

Admirer: CZPT 2.2KW, unbiased air cooling

3.2.6 Sensor

German Turck CZPT -contact sensor, roller applies GCr15

3.3. Dies box

3.3.1. Steel plate welded framework, drawing die dimensions: Æ70´40mm No drinking water leakage All set moulds. All near-sort mould cooling.

three.3.2. 1th and ninth dies box  are geared up with rotating dies, other folks are equipped with motors to stir the drawing powder

3.3.3. Dies box can be modified in the wire running route up and down,left and right

3.3.4. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. wheel assembled in CZPT of the mould box (content GCr15, hardness ≥HRC60). NO. 2-8 can operate wire-bounce operation.


3.4. Straightener

Straightener roller: 7+7 vertically and horizontally for each shift.

3.5. Take-up device

 Equiped with organize-wire unit, its overall performance could meet the supporting use of the whole machine, Take-up device CZPT : 1.5/55KW, 1500rpm/min, AC variable frequency , achieving capabilities of pneumatic lifting,limited power and drive off. Line pressure not much less than .4MPa.


Fixed pulley: The shaft is mounted pulley. It can rotate, but can not shift freely in any course.
China High Speed Automatic Continues Dry Type Steel Wire Straight Line Metal Wire Drawing Machine for CO2 Welding Wire Spring Wire with ce certificate top quality Good price