China OEM China Bright Smooth CHINAMFG Carton M1-M30 Spring Clip Pulley Swivel air compressor portable

China OEM China Bright Smooth CHINAMFG Carton M1-M30 Spring Clip Pulley Swivel air compressor portable

Product Description

The China OEM China Bright Smooth CHINAMFG Carton M1-M30 Spring Clip Pulley Swivel air compressor portable is a high-quality stainless steel rigging accessory. Made from stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316, stainless steel 316L, or other special materials, this pulley is designed for lifting and has a bright and smooth surface treatment. It comes in different sizes, ranging from M75 to M100, with detailed measurements for each size.


  • Single wheel for lifting
  • Pulley Square type for lifting

ZheJiang Juke Metal products Co., Ltd specializes in producing stainless steel wire rope accessories, including the swivel eye single sheave pulley. We ensure high-quality casting of stainless steel hardware for our pulleys, such as the Stainless Steel Swivel Eye Double Sheave and Swivel Pulley Block Double Sheave.

Details of the figure Detailed sizes
Size A B C D E
mm mm mm mm mm mm
M75 23 33 155 75 15
M100 25 40 191 100 17
Details of the figure Detailed sizes
Size A B C D E
mm mm mm mm mm mm
M15 12.5 13 61 15 5.5
M20 14 18 73 20 6.5
M25 16 20 85 25 10
M32 15.5 20 92.5 30 10
M50 19 31 132.5 50 13
Details of the figure Detailed sizes
Size A B C D E
mm mm mm mm mm mm
M15 12 13 61 15 6
M20 13.5 17.5 72 20 7
M25 15 20 83 25 11
M32 15 19.5 88 30 12
M50 19 23 117.5 48.5 13

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Our company mainly supplies various products for industrial use, such as agricultural gearboxes, power output shafts, sprockets, fluid couplings, worm gear reducers, gears and racks, roller chains, pulleys and pulleys, planetary gearboxes, timing pulleys, bushings, etc. We offer high-quality products, preferential prices, and considerate services. Customers are welcome to customize drawings and samples.


  1. Q: Can I get a sample of the stainless steel rigging accessories?
    A: Yes, we welcome sample orders!
  2. Q: Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) for the stainless steel rigging accessories?
    A: We have a low MOQ of 1000 pcs for sample checking.
  3. Q: How do you ship the goods and what is the delivery time?
    A: We often ship via TNT, DHL, or FedEx, which takes approximately 3-5 days for delivery. For larger quantities, we usually transport by sea.
  4. Q: How can IAll the content of this page is from the Internet. The content is only for reference for product selection. Our products are replacement parts and not original spare parts. We are not the holder of the original trademarks mentioned in the content. Our replacement parts can be perfectly adapted to the original spare parts. If you need to buy original spare parts, please contact the original factory or supplier for purchase.

    Performance Characteristics of Spring Pulley

    Spring pulleys have several key performance characteristics that make them highly efficient and reliable in various applications.

    1. High Flexibility: Spring pulleys are designed to provide excellent flexibility, allowing for smooth and efficient operation even in demanding conditions.
    2. Accurate Tensioning: These pulleys offer precise tension control, ensuring optimal performance and preventing slippage or belt damage.
    3. Shock Absorption: Spring pulleys effectively absorb shocks and vibrations, reducing wear and tear on the system and enhancing overall durability.
    4. Noise Reduction: These pulleys are designed to minimize noise, providing quieter operation and a more comfortable working environment.
    5. Easy Maintenance: Spring pulleys are easy to maintain, requiring minimal lubrication and offering longer service life.

    Types and Characteristics of Spring Pulley

    There are different types of spring pulleys available, each with unique characteristics suited for specific applications.

    1. V-Belt Pulleys: These pulleys are widely used in automotive and industrial machinery applications. They provide reliable power transmission and high load-carrying capacity.
    2. Timing Belt Pulleys: Ideal for precise timing and synchronization in applications such as CNC machines and robotics. They offer excellent torque transmission and accurate positioning.
    3. Flat Belt Pulleys: Suitable for agricultural equipment and exercise machines. They provide smooth and efficient power transmission while minimizing belt slippage.
    4. Grooved Pulleys: Designed for applications that require enhanced grip and stability. They are commonly used in marine and industrial machinery.

    Advantages of Spring Pulleys Made of Different Materials

    The choice of material for spring pulleys greatly affects their performance and durability. Here are some advantages of different materials:

    1. Steel Pulleys: Known for their high strength and durability, steel pulleys offer excellent load-carrying capacity and resistance to wear and tear.
    2. Aluminum Pulleys: Lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum pulleys are ideal for applications where weight reduction is crucial. They also provide good heat dissipation.
    3. Nylon Pulleys: These pulleys offer low friction, high wear resistance, and quiet operation. They are commonly used in exercise equipment and other noise-sensitive applications.

    Application of Spring Pulley in Various Fields

    Spring pulleys find extensive application in various industries, showcasing their versatility and importance.

    1. Automotive Industry: Spring pulleys are widely used in automobile engines, power steering systems, and air conditioning systems.
    2. Agriculture Equipment: These pulleys are essential components in farming machinery such as combines, tractors, and irrigation systems.
    3. Industrial Machinery: Spring pulleys play a crucial role in conveyor systems, manufacturing equipment, and assembly lines.
    4. Marine Applications: Spring pulleys are used in marine engines, winches, and navigation systems, providing reliable power transmission in harsh marine environments.
    5. Exercise Equipment: Spring pulleys are integral to gym equipment, ensuring smooth movement and resistance in weightlifting machines and fitness devices.

    Future Development Trends and Opportunities

    The future of spring pulley products looks promising, with several key trends and opportunities on the horizon.

    1. Technological Advancements: Ongoing technological advancements will result in the development of more efficient and high-performance spring pulleys.
    2. Sustainability: The growing focus on sustainability will drive the demand for eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient spring pulley solutions.
    3. Automation and Robotics: The increasing adoption of automation and robotics in various industries will create new opportunities for spring pulley applications.
    4. Market Expansion: The expanding automotive, agriculture, and industrial sectors in emerging markets present significant growth opportunities for spring pulley manufacturers.

    Choosing a Suitable Spring Pulley

    Selecting the right spring pulley for your application requires careful consideration of the following aspects:

    1. Load Capacity: Determine the maximum load the pulley needs to handle to ensure it can withstand the required weight.
    2. Material: Choose a material based on the specific application requirements, considering factors such as strength, corrosion resistance, and weight.
    3. Diameter and Size: Ensure the pulley’s diameter and size are compatible with the belt or rope being used for optimal performance.
    4. Type of Pulley: Select the appropriate type of pulley based on the power transmission mechanism and system requirements.
    5. Bore Size: Consider the bore size of the pulley to ensure proper fit and alignment with the shaft.

    In conclusion, spring pulleys are versatile components that provide reliable power transmission, precise tension control, and durability across various industries. Their performance characteristics, material options, and wide range of applications make them indispensable in numerous fields. As the market continues to evolve, the future of spring pulleys looks promising, with opportunities for technological advancements and market expansion. When choosing a suitable spring pulley, carefully evaluate load capacity, material, diameter and size, type of pulley, and bore size to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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