China Pulley 3069778 for Nt855 K19 K38 with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description


Design Displacement: Bore&Stroke:
B3.3 3.3 liter [two hundred cu in] 95x115mm[3.74×4.53cuin]
QSB3.3 three.3 liter [two hundred cu in] 95x115mm[3.74×4.53cuin]
4B3.9 3.9 liter [239 cu in] 102x120mm[4.02×4.72cuin]
ISB3.9 three.9 liter [239 cu in] 102x120mm[4.02×4.72cuin]
ISB4.five 4.5 liter[275 in3] 107x124mm[4.21×4.88cuin]
QSB4.five 4.5 liter[275 in3] 107x124mm[4.21×4.88cuin]
6B5.nine 5.9 liter [359cu in] 102x120mm[4.02×4.72cuin]
ISB5.nine five.9 liter [359cu in] 102x120mm[4.02×4.72cuin]
QSB5.nine 5.9 liter [359cu in] 102x120mm[4.02×4.72cuin] six.7 liter[408 in3] 107x124mm[4.21×4.88cuin] 6.7 liter[408 in3] 107x124mm[4.21×4.88cuin]
6CT8.3 eight.3 liter [504.5 cu in] 114x135mm[4.49×5.32cuin]
ISC8.three 8.3 liter [504.5 cu in] 114x135mm[4.49×5.32cuin]
QSC8.three eight.3 liter [504.5 cu in] 114x135mm[4.49×5.32cuin]
ISL8.nine 8.9 liter [542cu in] 114x145mm[4.49×5.71cuin]
QSL8.9 eight.9 liter [542cu in] 114x145mm[4.49×5.71cuin]
M11 10.9 liter [660 in3] 125x147mm[4.92×5.79cuin]
ISM11 ten.9 liter [660 in3] 125x147mm[4.92×5.79cuin]
QSM11 10.9 liter [660 in3] 125x147mm[4.92×5.79cuin]
L10 ten liter [611 in3] 125x136mm[4.92×5.36cuin]
NT855 fourteen liter [855cu in] 140x152mm[5.50×6.00 cuin]
N14 14 liter [855cu in] 140x152mm[5.50×6.00 cuin]
ISX15 fifteen liter [915cu in] 137x169mm[5.39×6.65 cuin]
QSX15 15 liter [915cu in] 137x169mm[5.39×6.65 cuin]
KTA19 19 liter [1150 cu. in.] 159x159mm[6.25×]
QSK19 19 liter [1150 cu. in.] 159x159mm[6.25×]
KTA38 38 liter [2300 cu. in.] 159x159mm[6.25×]
QSK38 38 liter [2300 cu. in.] 159x159mm[6.25×]
KTA50 fifty liter [3067 cu. in.] 159x159mm[6.25×]
QSK50 50 liter [3067 cu. in.] 159x159mm[6.25×]

1. pulley
two. Genuine CZPT pulley
3. pulley
4. All types of pulley

More Components
1. Cylinder Block, bushing, cylider liner kit, piston cooling nozzle

2. Cylinder Head, intake valve, exhaust valve, valve insert, valve spring, valve spring, valve collet, valve rotator, valve stem manual, cylinder head gasket

three. Crankshaft, main bearing, oil seal, vibration damper

4. Con Rod and Piston, connectng rod, piston, piston pin, piston ring, con rod bearing

5. Camshaft, camshaft gear, camshaft bushing

six. Rocker CZPT , rocker lever shaf, rocker lever protect, rocker lever housing

seven. Injector, injector cup, injector seal, injector adapter, barrel and plunger

8. Drinking water Pump, sea h2o pump, water pump shaft, h2o pump impeller, drinking water pump human body Drinking water pump seal, ball bearing, drinking water pump pulle, ywater pump belt, simple hose

9. Fuel Pump, acutator, gear gas pump, fuel shutoff valve, gas pump drive

ten. Oil Pump, oil pump gear, STC valve, oil pump gasket

11. Alternator, alternator belt, alternator pulley, alternator help

twelve. CZPT ting, CZPT , magnetic switch, floor wire

13. Turbocharger, turbocharger housing, tube lub oil provide, turbocharger restore kit

14. Fan Hub, motor supporter, fan belt, idler pulley, enthusiast pulley

fifteen. Manifold, consumption manifold, exhaust manifold, exhaust blbow, exhaust outle link

sixteen. CZPT , oil filter, gas filter, water filter, air filter

17. Flywheel, wheel housing

18. Oil Pan, oil pan, dipstick, oil gauge tube, oil pan gasket

19. Oil Cooler, oil cooler housing, oil cooler main

20. Thermostat, thermostat housing, thermostat seal

21. Aftercooler, aftercooler core

22. Air CZPT , compressor fix package

23. Engine Gaskets, upper engine gaskets, reduced engine gaskets

24. Resources, piston tool, cylinder liner instrument, injector resource, timing toolr, epair instrument

twenty five. Manuals, element catalogue, shop manuals, procedure mauals, maintance mauals

26. CZPT ctric Elements, gauge, sensor, hourmeter, magnectic decide up, tachometer, oil stress switch, EFC governer, temperature swap

27. Muffler

28. Heater

29. Radiator

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—Wooden scenario for ocean transport
—Carton for air shipping or express
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NT855 sequence engine design spectrum
Generator Industrial Euipment Maritime Equipment
NT855-GA NTC-290 NTA855-C400S10 NTAA855-C400S20 NTA855-P500
NTA855-G1 NT855-C250 NT855-C280-T180 NTAA855-C360S20 NTA855-D(M)
NTA855-G1A NT855-C280 NT855-C310 NTAA855-C280S20 NTA855-M350
NTA855-G1B NTA855-C360 NT855-L290 NTA855-P400 NTA855-M400
NTA855-G2 NTA855-C400 NTA855-L360 NT855-P270 NTA855-G2M
NTA855-G2A NTAA855-C250S20 NTA855-L400 NTA855-P360 NTA855-G1M
NTA855-G3 NTA855-C250S10 NTA855-C335 NT855-P300 NTA855-M300
NTA855-G4 NTA855-C310S10 NT855-C280S10 NTA855-P470 NTA855-M
NTAA855-G7 NTA855-C335S10 NTA855-C450 NT855-P400 NT855-M270
NTAA855-G7A NTA855-C360S10 NT855-C280H NTA855-P450 NT855-M240
KTA19 collection engine model spectrum
Generator Industrial Euipment Marine Products
KTA19-G2 KT19-C450 KTA19-L600S10 KTA19-P750 KTA19-D(M)
KTA19-G3 KTA19-C525 QSK19-C600 KTA19-C450S10 KTA19-M500
KTA19-G4 KTA19-C525S10 QSKTAA19-C755 KTA19-P680 KTA19-M470
KTAA19-G5 KTA19-C600S10 QSKTAA19-C700 QSKTAA19-G3 KTA19-M3
KTAA19-G6 KTTA19-C700 KTA19-P525   KTA19-M4
KTAA19-G6A QSK19-C760 KTA19-P500   KTA19-M550
KTAA19-G7 KTA19-C600 KTA19-P600   KT19-M425
KTA19-G8 KTA19-L600 KTA19-P700   K19-DM
KTA38 collection engine product spectrum
Generator Industrial Euipment Maritime Equipment
KT38-G KTA38-G5 KTA38-P1300 KTA38-C1050 KTA38-M2
KT38-GA KTA38-G9 KT38-P1000 KTA38-C1200 KTA38-M
KTA38-G2   KTA38-P1200 KTA38-C1200 KT38-M
KTA38-G2B   KTA38-P1400 KTA38-C1400 KTA38-D(M)
KTA38-G2A   KT38-P780 KT38-P830 KTA38-M950
KTA38-G4   KT38-P780 KTA38-P980  
KTA50 series engine product spectrum
Generator Industrial Euipment Marine Products
KTA50-G3 KTA50-GS8 KTA50-C1600   KTA50-M2
KTA50-G8 KTA50-G9 KTTA50-C2000    
MTA11 sequence engine design spectrum
Generator Industrial Euipment
MTA11-G2 M11-C300 M11-C290 M11-C300S10 M11-C380E20
MTA11-G2A M11-C350 M11-C350S20 M11-C380 M11-C225
MTAA11-G3 M11-C350E20 M11-C330S10 M11-C350S10 M11-C225H

Loafer: A driven wheel that does not transmit power via a shaft. It spins freely, and most driven pulleys are linked to other equipment, this kind of as wheels or drives, by way of driveshafts.
China Pulley 3069778 for Nt855 K19 K38 with ce certificate top quality Good price