China Spring Loaded Sprocket Roller Conveyor, Stainless Steel 304 Conveyor Roller with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

Item Description

Roller is an critical component of belt conveyor.It has a lot of varieties and huge amount,can assistance conveyor belt and materials fat.


 Solution Specification
 Model NO.  Steel roller
 Diameter  89-159mm
 Length  190-1500mm
 Material  Carbon metal
 Seal  Multiple labyrinth seal
 Bearing kind  Deep Grove ball bearing
 Gurantee  12 months
 Color  Customized
 Certificate  ISO,CE
 Advantages  waterproof,dustproof,clean managing,no sound,rotational resistance, axial float, shaft radial perform



A) CZPT : deep groove ball and double sealing bearing 2RZ and 2Z with C3 clearance

B) CZPT : multi-phase labyrinth seals attain water-proof and dust proof 

C) CZPT : Grease is CZPT ium soap sort grease with Rust Inhibitors, grease is permanent lubricant.

D) Shade: roller floor CZPT painted any color as for each CZPT er request.

E) Every single roller would be through rigorous inspection and examination to ensure every single out coming roller is of accurate substantial top quality

Thorough Photos

one. Seal assembly
The seal assembly of idler is produced of nylon, and the structural from is CZPT -contact labyrinth seal framework.
The internal and outer seals from a labyrinth passage with large precision, and the passage is stuffed with CZPT -acting lithium-dependent grease, so that the loafer has good water-proof and dustproof efficiency.

two. CZPT
The bearing of Loafer adopts particular C3 clearance grade deep groove ball bearing.
Prior to assembly, the bearing of loafer has been stuffed with lithium foundation grease and sealed permanently on equally sides, which can understand life span upkeep free and increase the provider life of the bearing.

three. Shaft
The shaft of idler adopts higher precision cold drawn spherical metal right after quenching and tempering therapy. CZPT d Chamfer milling device is utilised to execute precise machining at both finishes of the shaft, so as to guarantee that the axial displacement of the loafer is practically zero.

four. CZPT housing
The fabrication of the bearing housing is made up of a multi-stage precision computerized urgent operation, which make sure substantial accuracy of bearing and sealing position.
The idler pipes and bearing housing at the two finishes are 3mm totally fillet welded at the exact same time trough CO2 fuel defend double-gun automated welding equipment, which offers a least of 70% weld penetration,and ensures that the loafer even below the higher load and high pace operation, still powerful and sturdy.

five. Shell
The shell of loafer adopts special ratio-frequency welded pipe with tiny bending degree and small ellipticity.
The CZPT d steel tube chamfer reducing off instrument equipment is employed for predsemachining of the two finishes of pipe, which can effectively ensure the concentricity of idlers and lessen the rotation resistance of idlers

Solution Parameters

Technological innovation Specification
D d



L b h f



D d



L b h f

Excess weight


89 20 4G204 two hundred 14 6 14 2.79   133 twenty five 4G205 380 18 8 seventeen seven.84
250 two.98 465 9.24
315 3.58 600 11.forty eight
465 5.24 700 thirteen.44
600 six.48 1150 20.6
750 7.87 1400 24.sixty one
950 9.72 4G305 380 8.21
twenty five 4G205 eight eighteen seventeen 11.21 465 9.62
108 20 4G204 315 14 6 14 4.46 530 ten.7
465 six.07 600 11.86
950 eleven.27 700 13.fifty one
25 4G205 315 18 eight 17 5.07 800 fifteen.seventeen
380 five.86 1150 twenty.ninety seven
465 6.89 1400 24.99
600 eight.fifty three 1600 28.44
seven hundred 9.74 30 4G306 465 11.34
950 twelve.77 530 twelve.54
1150 thirteen.ninety nine 800 17.forty eight
1400 fifteen.sixty two 1400 26.75
4G305 380 six.23 1600 31.38
465 7.26 159 25 4G205 465 11.58
530 8.05 700 16.52
600 8.nine 1400 31.09
seven hundred ten.11 4G305 465 12.02
800 11.32 530 thirteen.84
950 13.fourteen 700 sixteen.ninety five
1150 15.fifty seven 800 19.06
1400 18.forty seven 1400 31.52
1600 21.02 1600 35.eighty five
30 4G306 465 22 8.57 30 4G306 465 22 13.76
530 nine.47 530 15.23
800 13.2 800 21.36
1400 21.forty nine 1400 34.98
1600 24.26 1600 39.51

  Top quality layout and create

  Our focus on quality begins with sourcing only the ideal uncooked resources, rejecting everything that falls outside the house CZPT stringent tolerances.In the course of manufacture your get is checked at each phase before passing by way of to the following procedure. This also contributes to CZPT ability to meet up with orders on time.

Packaging & CZPT

Company Profile




Q: Are you a factory or buying and selling organization?

A: We are a factory and have export license. Besides, CZPT factory has a number of item traces to offer goods with steady production capability for CZPT ers in shipping and delivery time.


Q: What details shall I provide in order to confirm the conveyor carrying rollers order?

A: We work with technical drawings for any CZPT -regular merchandise. If the get is for regular parts, you only have to give us with the component amount so we may outline the components of the get.


Q: How does your manufacturing facility do with regards to to high quality management?
A: Top quality is precedence. We always attach wonderful significance to high quality management from starting to the stop of the
production. CZPT y batch rollers will be cautiously inspected just before it truly is packed for cargo.


Q: Do you have the items in inventory?
A: No. All rollers are developed according to your purchase.


Q: Can I order a sample?
A: Of program. We can offer normal product roller sample for totally free, but the freight cost shall be borne by your facet. If you want
custom-made model sample, we would like you to bear the cost for sample and freight.

Q:Hong CZPT is your shipping and delivery time?
A:Generally 7-thirty days ,it depends on your amount.For First rate get , we have versatile adjustment to make sure the supply time.

If you do not see the question you are seeking for, please get in touch with us for additional help.

Get in touch with Person: Lisa Lee

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China Spring Loaded Sprocket Roller Conveyor, Stainless Steel 304 Conveyor Roller with ce certificate top quality Good price