China Spring Type of Wire Reel for Supplying Power to Equipment with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

CZPT sort of Wire Reel for CZPT ing CZPT to Gear

JT Collection spring variety cable reel is developed by CZPT manufacturing unit specifically&period It is a sort of automatic mechanical device which is driven by the spiral springs and employing a spring energy storage automatic coiling cable&interval

There are a few different kinds of solution CZPT for the CZPT ers&colon
Slip ring built-in type with compact and rather contour&semi Slip ring exterior put in type in convenience of service&commaover hanging type which can coil up much CZPT er cables&period

Constructions and Characteristics&colon
— Using spiral springs as CZPT  without electric power use to preserve reputable in operation&semi
— Using collector slip ring carbon brush bracket to transfer the electric powered energy steadily and constantly&semi
— Equipped with reversible device&solguide pulley to keep away from the reel counter-rotating to crack the springs&semi
— CZPT source simply&comma security and trustworthiness in operation&interval
— Ways of coiling cable&colon Mid-feed&lparwith guide pulley&rpar or End-feed&time period

About Enquiry&colon
1&time period Do you have unique requirement about the CZPT types&quest
Spring sort &sol motor CZPT ed kind
two&period What is the cable specification&quest
Cable main amount × Cross part&commaCable outer diameter&commacoil length of cable&quest
3&period What variety of cell equipment will the cable reel be utilized with&quest
Lifting electromagnet&comma all sorts of crane or other individuals

Overall dimension table&lparmm&rpar
Item No&interval A B C D1 D2 d E F G W Weight&lparkg&rpar
1 410 450 462 800 1300 eighteen 520 1571 one hundred and five 250 360
2 410 450 462 a thousand 1300 18 520 1571 a hundred and five 250 380
Technical Data
Cable Model Enable Current&lparA&rpar  &lpar40 centigrade&rpar 50m series Item No&interval 60m series Item No&period of time 70m series
Core numbers ×cross section&lparmm²&rpar continuously 1 min&period on&semi1 min&period Off
YC3×25&plus1×10 ninety one a hundred twenty five JTC125-fifty-4-III&commaJTD125-50-4-III one JTC125-sixty-4-III&commaJTD125-sixty-4-III 3 JTC125-70-4-III&commaJTD125-70-4-III
YC3×35&plus1×10 113 one hundred fifty JTC150-fifty-4-III&commaJTD150-50-4-III one JTC150-sixty-4-III&commaJTD150-60-4-III three JTC150-70-4-III&commaJTD150-70-4-III
YC3×50&plus1×16 a hundred and forty one hundred ninety JTC190-50-4-III&commaJTD190-50-4-III one      
YC3×35&plus1×6&plus4×4 110 a hundred and fifty JTC150-fifty-8-III&commaJTD150-fifty-8-III one JTC150-60-8-III&commaJTD150-60-8-III    
CRHF10×2&period5 12 twenty     JTC20-60-ten-III&commaJTD20-60-10-III    
CRHF12×2&period5 12 20     JTC20-60-12-III&commaJTD20-sixty-12-III    

Mounted pulley: The shaft is fixed pulley. It can rotate, but are not able to go freely in any path.
China Spring Type of Wire Reel for Supplying Power to Equipment with ce certificate top quality Good price