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China best Toothed Belt Pulley Price Cast Iron Metal Transmission Machine Parts Manufacture Best Sale Tensioner Cutter SPA/06 Aluminum European Standard Timing Pulleys near me shop

Product Description

Toothed Belt Pulley Price Cast Iron Metal Transmission Machine Parts Manufacture Best Sale Tensioner Cutter SPA/06 Aluminum European Standard Timing Pulleys

In power transmission, belts are flexible loops of material that can link 2 rotating shafts mechanically and transmit power between them. Belts are also the primary component in belt drives, where 1 or more continuous belts are fitted over 2 pulleys at 2 shafts and rotary motion is transferred from the driving pulley to the driven pulley.

As compared to chain drives and gear drives, belt drives run quietly and smoothly and do not need lubrication. Maintenance is also comparatively convenient, and the driven shaft speed can be easily altered by changing pulley sizes.

The most common types of belts are V-belts and timing belts. V-belts are the most common type of belt today, and as their name suggests, their cross-sectional shape comes in the form of a “V”. Generally endless, the “V” cross-sections of these belts lodge in the mating grooves of their corresponding V-belt pulleys, preventing slipping due to under-10sioning. In general, V-belts require less width and tension compared to flat belts.

Timing belts are toothed belts that enable positive drive. They have rows of interlocking teeth that fit securely with a toothed pulley to avoid slipping. Timing belts require less tension than other belts, have no slippage, and do not require lubrication, however their power capacity is lower than V-belts and chains. They are frequently used in camshafts of automobiles and crankshafts.


The benefits of using pulleys

A pulley is a mechanical device that converts force into rotation. There are many advantages to using pulleys. Let’s take a look at a few of them. This article will describe the advantages, types, applications, and power sources of pulleys. You can then choose the pulley that best suits your specific needs. If you’re looking for a new tool to help you with a certain task, this article is for you.

Mechanical advantage

The mechanical advantage of a pulley can be defined as the ratio of applied force to the applied force. The mechanical advantage of a pulley can be calculated by considering several factors, including weight and friction. It can be calculated by the force applied per unit length of rope and the number of pulleys used. In a single-circuit system, the force required to lift a heavy object is equal to the user’s body weight.
The mechanical advantage of a pulley can be realized by comparing it to a seesaw. Both uses of rope are suitable for lifting objects. A rope four times heavier than a kilo is four times as effective. Because the forces on both sides of the pulley are equal, a small force is enough to move a large weight a short distance. The same force can be applied to a large mass to lift it several meters.
After introducing the concept of mechanical advantage, learners will practice using the pulley system. In addition to testing the pulley system, they should also calculate its mechanical advantage. Using either the instructor-provided handout or the learner’s workbook, students will determine how easily the pulley system functions. Once they have completed the test, they can discuss their results and how the system can be improved. These courses are best completed as part of a mini-unit or as a standalone main course.
The mechanical advantage of the pulley system is proportional to the number of rope loops. This circuit requires the same force as the dual circuit to lift heavy objects. A single lap requires only a third of the force to lift a double lap, while three laps require almost half the energy required for a single lap. The mechanical advantage of the pulley system becomes constant as the number of cycles increases.
The 3:1 Mechanical Advantage system feels like lifting a 300-pound load with three feet of rope. The three-foot-long rope moves the load one foot high. Understanding the mechanical advantages of pulleys is critical for rescuers when trying to create the perfect pulley system. Ideally, the pulley system will be anchored to a nearby rock, tree, pole or person – if the weight is not too heavy.

Types of pulleys

There are several types of pulleys. V-belt pulleys are the type commonly used in vehicles and electric motors. “V” pulleys require a “V” belt, and some even have multiple V grooves. “V” pulleys are often used in heavy duty applications for power transmission because they reduce the risk of power slippage.
Composite pulleys combine the properties of fixed and movable pulleys. Compound pulleys are able to change the direction of force while requiring relatively low force to move even the heaviest loads. Mechanical advantage is a measure of the effectiveness of a machine or equipment. It can be divided into three categories: force, distance and mechanics. Once you understand how each type works, you can design complex machines.
Fixed pulleys: These pulleys are the most basic type of pulleys. They use ropes and slotted wheels to move with the lifted object. Because they are so simple to set up, lifting heavy objects is a breeze. Although the moving object feels light, it is actually heavier than it actually is. These pulleys are used in construction cranes, utility elevators and many different industries.
Compound Pulley System: A pulley pulley is a combination of two fixed pulleys and one movable pulley. Compound pulley systems are effective for moving heavy objects because they have the largest force multipliers and are flexible enough to change the direction of the force as needed. Composite pulley systems are commonly used in rock climbing, theater curtains and sailing. If you’re looking for a pulley system, you can start by evaluating the types of pulleys and their uses.
Construction Pulleys: These are the most basic types of pulleys and have wheel rails. These pulleys can be lifted to great heights and attached to chains or ropes. They allow workers to access equipment or materials from greater heights. They are usually mounted on wheels with axles and secured with ropes. They are essential tools for construction workers. There are many different types of pulleys out there.

energy source

Belts and pulleys are mechanical devices used to transmit energy and rotational motion. The belt is connected to the rotating part of the energy source, and the pulley is mounted on the other. One pulley transmits power to the other, while the other changes the direction of the force. Many devices use this combination, including automobiles, stationary generators, and winches. It is used in many home applications, from conveyors to treadmills. Pulleys are also used for curtains in theater halls.
Pulley systems are an essential part of modern industry and everyday life. Pulleys are used in elevators, construction sites and fitness equipment. They are also used in belt-driven generators as backup power. Despite their simple and seemingly humble beginnings, they have become a versatile tool. From lifting heavy objects to guiding wind turbines, pulley systems are widely used in our daily lives.
The main reason why pulleys are so popular is the mechanical advantage they offer. They can lift a lot of weight by applying very little force over longer distances. For example, a small motor can pull 10 meters of cable, while a large motor can pull 1 meter. Also, the work done is equal to the force times the distance traveled, so the energy delivered to the large motor is the same.
The power source for the pulley system can be cables, belts or ropes. The drive element in a pulley system is usually a rope or cable. A belt is a loop of flexible material that transmits motion from one pulley to another. The belt is attached to the shaft and a groove is cut in the pulley. The belt then transfers energy from one pulley to the other through the system.


A pulley is a mechanical device used to lift heavy objects. They reduce the amount of work required to lift heavy objects and are an excellent choice for many applications. There are several different applications for pulleys, including elevators, grinders, planters, ladder extensions, and mountaineering or rock climbing. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular uses for pulleys in modern society. These include:-
A pulley is a mechanical device that changes force. To use, you wrap the rope around it and pull down to lift the object. While this device is very useful, a major limitation of using pulleys is that you still have to apply the same force to lift the object as you would without the pulleys. This is why people use pulleys to move large objects like furniture and cars.
In addition to lifting heavy objects, pulleys are used in elevators, flagpoles and wells. These systems allow people to move heavy objects without straining their backs. Many other examples of pulleys in the home include garage doors, flagpoles, and elevators. They also help raise and lower flagpoles, which can reach several stories high.
There are two basic types of pulleys: movable and fixed. Fixed pulleys are attached to a ceiling or other object using two ropes. Modern elevators and construction cranes use movable pulleys, as do some weight machines in gyms. Composite pulleys combine movable and fixed pulleys to minimize the force required to move heavy objects.
Another type of fixed pulley is the flagpole. A flagpole can support a country, organization, or anything else that needs to be lifted. A taller flagpole creates a prouder moment for those who support it. The operation of the rope and pulley mechanism is very simple. The user simply attaches the flag to the rope, pulls the pulley, and he or she can watch the flag rise and unfold.

China High Speed Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine for High Carbon Wire with ce certificate top quality Good price

Solution Description

Item Description

Automatic large pace high carbon wire drawing device

(1)Equipment introduction
♦♦Hot Sale Straight Line Wire Drawing CZPT
♦♦Wire drawing device adopts PLC controller, it is easy to work, 1 men and women can run a single production line. Wire drawing machine consist of drinking water seal cooling system, so the temperature of the equipment will not to high, it is safe to the worker. Wire drawing machine adopts frequency adjustable motor, the velocity of the motor can be adjustable.
♦♦The large carbon wire straight line wire drawing device is various from the ordinary wire drawing device, it adopts AC frequency conversion management technological innovation or DC programmable handle program and display screen exhibit, with high degree of automation, handy procedure and high high quality of drawing items. It is appropriate for drawing CZPT metallic wires with diameter considerably less than twelve mm.
(2)Major benefits
The principal features of high carbon steel wire drawing machine are that the drum adopts slim slot drinking water cooling and the drawing die adopts direct h2o cooling CZPT cooling impact Gear box transmission is adopted, with high transmission performance and minimal sound Totally enclosed safety method is adopted, with good protection Air pressure tuning is adopte.


Our Advantages

Creation Approach:
Substantial carbon wire uncooked material→ CZPT spend-off frame/Hydraulic wire shell out off→ Shelling and Rust elimination →Wire rod sand belt polishing machine→ On the web boron coating and drying device →LZ7/560 straight line Wire Drawing CZPT →Tension gadget → Wire get-up machine

Primary capabilities:
(1)Exact meter counting with an error of .1%
(2)Fastened size computerized deceleration and end
(3)Disconnection detection and automatic shutdown
(4)Positive and damaging inching and remaining-right linkage of any drum
(5)Display of CZPT fault details and processing details
(6)A variety of motion info checking.

Item Parameters






Capstan diameter





Drawing dies





Inlet wire diameter

Φ2.5-4.5 mm

Φ5.5-6.5 mm

Φ6.5-8. mm

Φ8.-10. mm

Outlet wire diameter

Φ0.8-1.4 mm

Φ1.6-2. mm

Φ2.-3. mm

Φ2.8-3.5 mm

Drawing speed

10-sixteen m/s

eight-twelve m/s

six-twelve m/s

six-10 m/s

Overall reduction fee



ninety.fifty three%


Motor CZPT

eleven-fifteen kw

30-37 kw

30-37 kw

37-seventy five kw


Thorough Photos

(1)Wire Pay off program
Wire spend off program normally is pneumatic lifting pulley, practical wire threading.
Buyers can select hydraulic wire pay out off techniques or regular wire pay out off techniques.
(2)Control cupboard
Large degree of mechanical automation, all sorts of fault data and processing information are exhibited on the monitor.

Capstan utilizes particular materials to spray tungsten carbide on the surface area and increase the peak and thickness.
The drum foundation adopts narrow slot design and style to properly stop rust and impurities from moving into the drum.
(4)Rotary die box
The whole established of equipment utilizes a rotating die box, which can make it simpler for the wire drawing powder to adhere to the area of the wire rod. Boost the good quality of wire rod finished merchandise.

(5)Equipment box
The mechanical transmission program adopts the direct link among the gearbox and the motor, which can tremendously reduce the sounds, improve the reliability of procedure and boost the transmission CZPT . Preserve electric power.
The device is outfitted with frequency converter, and the strength-saving result is quite evident. It is very convenient to change the velocity.
The frequency converter also has several safety features, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overload protection and so on.

Packaging & CZPT

The primary equipment is packed with plastic movie and set in the container with metal wire. Little mechanical areas are packed in picket cases.
We can guide containers for CZPT ers according to the mechanical dimensions. If we require LCL, we can arrange to pack and send out them to the specified area.

Optional Equipment 






Substantial pay-off body

1 set

we can also create hydraulic wire shell out off techniques


Derusting equipment

1 established



Straight Line Wire Drawing CZPT

1 established

The variety of drawing drums require to be confirmed.


Wire consider-up system

1 established

Elephant trunk wire just take-up program or Spool wire get-up technique


Pointing CZPT

one established

Accessory Tools


Butt-Welding CZPT

1 established

Accessory Equipment


Wire rod sand belt sprucing machine

one established

Accessory Equipment


Online boron coating and drying device

1 set

Accent Products

For far more information , you can get in touch with me at any time.

Firm Profile

Manufacturing unit workshop:
We have CZPT very own wire mesh equipment and many pilot plants with powerful specialized power and CZPT d manufacturing and checkout products.
Our major merchandise: straight line wire drawing equipment,Pulley wire drawing machine,soaked drawing machine,Copper wire drawing machine,Stainless metal wire drawing equipment, Galvanized wire creation line,Wire winding equipment,And other wire drawing supporting machinery and add-ons.

Factory Historical past:
ZheJiang Kaiye CZPT ry Products Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is CZPT as “Hometown of wire mesh” in CZPT . We are a expert company of wire mesh equipment.
Our organization has been building smoothly and rapidly and now we have a lot more than 150 workers.We can offer substantial quality machinery and excellent support.

Industry and CZPT ers

Factory CZPT er and CZPT s from all in excess of the planet
Kaiye’s good quality has been managed by the regular of ISO9001 CZPT Quality Administration Technique. We have constructed excellent status between CZPT CZPT ers with excellent top quality items, reputable companies and credit score. We have been providing the domestic industry and also have exported to the CZPT ia, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Thailand, South Africa, Algeria, Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.through and Brazil.

Soon after a lot more than ten many years of advancement, the company has grown into one particular of the top enterprises in the sector. We adhere to the tenet of “client first, technological innovation foremost”. In the foreseeable future, the company will comprehensively market industrial development and upgrading, and create the world’s major steel processing products.


»Product Application
The Straight line wire drawing machine is the essential approach of producing the steel wire.
This kind of as:
•High carbon metal wire (Laptop wire, wire rope, spring wire, steel wire, hose wire, bead wire, saw wire )
•Low carbon steel wire (Mesh, fence, nail, steel fiber, welding wire, construction)
•Alloy wire

Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, we have been in offering the professional goods far more than 18 years.

Q: How about the delivery? 
A: We promise that we provide wire equipment, mould, brushed powder device check operation provider in the workshop, and then shipping.

Q: What is the delivery technique?
A: one)Shipping approach:Land carriage, sea transport.
     2)Our support: FOB, CIF, C&F, Door to Doorway, and so forth.   
     3)We usually select the most cost-effective and dependable transport organization to make certain you receive the goods in time.

Q: How do you ensure your machine’s quality when producing?
A: Our services are often by your side, We have CZPT experts to inspect the parts of the equipment each day, the equipment will be altered properly in CZPT manufacturing facility just before cargo ,all the elements are in very good condition.

Hi my pal,
I’ m appreciated that you might be fascinated in CZPT wire drawing machines.
If you are interested in anybody over wire drawing devices,please contact us now. I am pleased to reply you.

Be aware: 
Remember to offer pursuing info if you want the straight quotation: 
1. Wire Substance:Please give following data if you want the right quotation: 
two. Inlet Wire Diameter assortment:
three. Outlet wire Diameter range:
four. Where and what does the wire use for:

Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and interprets in accordance to the movement of the pulley or belt. This is typically utilized in blocking and deal with programs, which I will describe later on.
China High Speed Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine for High Carbon Wire with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Hot Sale Mobile Screen Machine Vibrating Screen with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description


Item Description



Designed as a compact machine, the LR1700G is a unique and compact remedy for higher high quality screening when on-website place is slender and transportation is inconvenient. LR17 is an best screening machine for landscapers, tree support businesses, nursery proprietor, and individuals who use compact tractors,mini CZPT s,skidsteers and want to monitor and recycle grime,topsoil,compost,bark, sand and gravel.



Applicable Industries

Developing Substance Retailers, Nursery proprietor, Farms, Retail, CZPT works , CZPT & CZPT , Gardening

Nearby Service Location


Showroom Area


Online video outgoing-inspection


Equipment Take a look at Report


Marketing and advertising Type

Regular Solution

Warranty of main parts

6 months

Core Elements

Motor, Pulley, CZPT sets




Compost topsoil sand and gravel separator

Spot of Origin


Model Title



2300*1360*1950 (operating size)




one Yr


On-line assist, Video complex help


Mini screener


Motor Push (KOHLER CH255)

Search term

Moveable compact measurement screener





Packaging & CZPT

The packing size of this display screen is smaller than typical, LWH is 2250mm x 1700mm x 830mm, consequently, one 40 HT container can have 21 equipment, in order to help save sea freight. Only require to do is to do a basic assembly after receiving the equipment.

Company Profile



Q: How big is your manufacturing facility?
A: In tolal 4 work shops ,8,000m², office 2500m²

Q: What Info must CZPT ers give to us in buy to let we provide you with effective & appropriate quotation and help.
A:1). What type is the mining? Is it rock stone? or it is sand?
2). If rock stone,What is the common particle dimension(mm) of the uncooked ore?
three). What is the managing ability(tons for each hour) you prepare to work with?
4).What is the aspects of the uncooked ore? How considerably per cent % of every minerals?

Q: Can we deliver the mineral samples to your organization, permit your company run the ore-dressing experiments examination for us?
A: Yes, we can run the ore-dressing experiments for CZPT CZPT ers. Right after the examination, we will based mostly on the outcomes to give you the realistic flowchart, ideal remedy and equipments variety. and many others.

Q: How CZPT is the warrenty of your equipments? Does your organization provide the spare components?
A: The warranty time period of the equipments is 1 12 months. And of system we will source the spare components for you for existence-prolonged time at lowest value.

Q: If i require the total mineral processing line. is able to help us create it?
A: Yes, we can aid you blend a complete mineral processing line. and give you associated specialist advices as CZPT as you need to have.
There is a abundant expertise engineer staff of us. we experienced previously create numerous mining tasks in CZPT & Abroad. You can feel CZPT good quality and service.

In a compound pulley program, there is equally a movable pulley and a set pulley. This means that not only does the load “come to feel” lighter, but you can also change the route of the pressure. Whilst this kind of configuration can go large masses quite easily, it comes at the expense of requiring very a little bit of motion to do the task.
China Hot Sale Mobile Screen Machine Vibrating Screen with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Spring Cone Crusher for Stone Crushing Machine with ce certificate top quality Good price

Product Description

                       Spring Cone Crusher for CZPT Crushing CZPT


Cone crusher is ideal for crushing ore and rock which is over 300MPa hardness. It has positive aspects of reliable structure, large production efficiency, straightforward to modulate, higher value- effective. Its spring insurance policy technique is the guarding equipment for overload this program can make foreign make a difference go the crushing cavity, but not hurt the equipment, using dry and drinking water two sealing sort, it can segregate rock powder and lubricant, to make certain trustworthy procedure. The crushing cavity kind is make a decision by ore’s function, standard type is utilised for medium crushing, medium sort is used for fantastic crushing, limited variety is used for fantastic crushing.

Operating principles of cone crusher:
 The cone crusher for sale is largely composed of frame, fixed cone assembly, movable cone assembly, spring system, bowl pedestal component, transmission device and so on, and the auxiliary unit involves electrical program, diluted oil lubrication station and hydraulic cleansing chamber technique. When Cone crusher works, the motor drives the drive shaft through the pulley and V-belt .The travel shaft and a pair of bevel gear make the eccentric sleeve rotating and this tends to make the cone axis swing, so sometimes the crushing wall is around the rolling mortar wall, but occasionally they are much away from each and every other. CZPT s in the crushing cavity are extruded, impacted, and boned repeatedly, ultimately they are crushed.

Technical parameters: 

Type Diameter
of cone
feeding measurement
Width of discharging
Crushing ability Motor
energy (kw)
Swing frequency
of main shaft
Fat (t) Dimension
(L× W× H)
PYB 600 600 65 twelve-25 forty 30 356 5 2234×1370×1675
PYD 35 three-13 12-23 five.5 2234×1370×1675
PYB 900 900 a hundred and fifteen 15-fifty 50-ninety 55 333 11.2 2692×1640×2350
PYZ sixty five-20 twenty-sixty five eleven.two 2692×1640×2350
PYD 50 3-13 15-50 11.3 2692×1640×2350
PYB 1200 1200 a hundred forty five 20-50 110-168 110 300 24.7 2790×1878×2844
PYZ one hundred 8-25 forty two-a hundred thirty five twenty five 2790×1878×2844
PYD fifty 3-15 eighteen-a hundred and five twenty five.three 2790×1878×2844
PYB 1750 1750 215 25-fifty 280-480 160 245 50.three 3910×2894×3809
PYZ 185 10-thirty 115-320 50.3 3910×2894×3809
PYD 85 5-thirteen 75-230 50.2 3910×2894×3809
PYB 2200 2200 three hundred thirty-60 59-1000 280-260 220 eighty 4622×3302×4470
PYZ 230 10-thirty 200-580 eighty 4622×3302×4470
PYD one hundred 5-fifteen 120-340 81.4 4622×3302×4470

Buyers Pay a visit to:

In addition to, We also offer all varieties of crushing equipments, vibrating feeder, vibrating monitor, rod mil, stone washer, belt conveyor, screw classifier, flotation machine, magnetic ore separator, shaving desk, spiral chute, rotary kiln, rotary dryer, mine hoist , ect. If you have any interest in CZPT items, pls kindly get in touch with us by the upper information with no hesitation.

We have a vast 1/2″ rope ability pulley for useful redirection, light-weight rigging, rescue, and mechanical advantage systems. We have much more pulleys in the subsequent links many of them also make as very good as the types under Little pulley.
China Spring Cone Crusher for Stone Crushing Machine with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Wet Wire Drawing Machine for High Carbon Mattress Spring Wire with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

                               Water/wet  tank steel wire drawing machine 

one. Tools comprising

(1) wire drawing machine  

(2)  Man-equipment interface manage

(3)  Whole established of electric powered console


2. Main technical parameter ( key points):

(1)coming into (metal) wire dia.:2.3mm

(2) exiting (metal) wire dia.:.7mm

(3)Pulling metal wire substance:copper wire

(4)Max. steel wire drawing velocity:10m/s    

(5)Motors:major motor 30KW, get in motor 4KW   AC freq. con. moto

(6)action pulley:Cones ceramic

       material:metal ZG45~55, hardness alloy tungsten carbide is spraying-painted on doing work floor, with         HRC60, roughness ≤1.6Ra.

   using daily life: two 12 months


(7) CZPT ctric  Control  system

Arrangement (We can set up them as CZPT ers’ require)

a. CZPT :SINE inverter is adopted.

b. Lower voltage electrical appliances which includes relay: Chint Brand



Max.Inlet Dia

Mini Outlet Dia




Take Up





Gear Box
















Capstan Variety

Our service

Q1:Is CZPT a machine producer? 

A:Of course,we have above 15 several years expertise in wire harness processing.

Q2:Does CZPT use CZPT d machine areas in the entire world ?A:Yes,we introduced and integrated CZPT d technologies from Japan,Occident,and ZheJiang spot.

Q3:About guarantee period of time?A:We are committed to offer you about 1 year free of charge warranty (not like putting on parts) ,we can provide door-to-doorway provider,We guarantee supplying lifestyle-lengthy upkeep for the products we offered.

Q4:About on-line technological innovation help?
A:We are presently getting ready the online CZPT er service platform, to solve the CZPT er’s problem by way of on the internet audio and movie chat.

Q5:How CZPT can I receive my products?


                                         Factory display :


In a compound pulley system, there is equally a movable pulley and a set pulley. This signifies that not only does the load “really feel” lighter, but you can also adjust the route of the pressure. Even though this sort of configuration can shift large masses really simply, it comes at the expense of necessitating quite a bit of movement to do the occupation.
China Wet Wire Drawing Machine for High Carbon Mattress Spring Wire with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Dahan Spring Flexible Screw Conveyor Machine for Powder with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

Solution Description

Grain Suction CZPT Plastic Flexible CZPT CZPT is employed for conveying grain from a single area to the other place.The conveying length is 3-thirty meters.

Thorough Pictures

The conveying distance is 3-30 meters.We are skilled manufacturer of conveyor products and take CZPT ized services and CZPT support,our engineers can CZPT ize the hopper,inspection windows, holder, voltage, CZPT , installation measurement according to your specifications.

This merchandise is produced of PVC.

Product Parameters

Remember to advise us in CZPT what sort you need to have.

Product No. Size (Meters) Pipe diameter

Loading Capacity


Motor phase-power


Set up Framework Conveying top
RLS100 4 meter 100mm 5-8 Single period-3kw Automobile mounted Steel screw blade inside Depends on case
  5 meter 100mm 5-8 Single stage-3kw Vehicle mounted Steel screw blade inside of
  six meter 100mm five-eight One period-3kw Car mounted Steel screw blade within
  8 meter 100mm 5-eight Solitary period-3kw Vehicle mounted Metal screw blade inside of




RLS120 four meter 120mm 10-15 A few phase-4KW Motor vehicle mounted Metal screw blade within
  five meter 120mm 10-15 Three section-4KW Automobile mounted Steel screw blade inside
  6 meter 120mm ten-15 3 period-4KW Vehicle mounted Metal screw blade within
  8 meter 120mm ten-15 3 period-4KW Motor vehicle mounted Steel screw blade inside of






The Functions of CZPT items:

one. The screw shaft and the suspension bearing, the head and the tail shaft are all linked by the tongue type. The installation and disassembly do not require axial motion, and the maintenance is hassle-free. CZPT mandrel, much less hanging, less failure details.

2, the use of variable diameter composition, boost the volume of the hanging bearing, to steer clear of contact in between the hanging bearing and the substance, the lifestyle of the hanging bearing can get to a lot more than two a long time.

3. The transmission parts are all related by floating relationship. The suspension bearing is a CZPT joint construction, so that the spiral physique, the suspension bearing and the tail assembly type an integral spiral floating physique, which can freely rotate and avoid with the conveying resistance inside of a particular selection, without jamming. Do not block the material.

4. The head and tail bearing housings are all outside the housing. All bearings adopt multi-layer sealing and sealing engineering, and the bearing has a CZPT services lifestyle.

Safety measures

one. Feeding artifact is ideal not to damp substance.
2. Really feel that the feeding is sluggish, you can shorten it effectively to increase the velocity.
three. Flip on the equipment 1st and then include the content. Stop the content for a single minute ahead of halting to ensure that the tube is empty.
4. The pulley must be tensioned to avert slipping.
5. It is forbidden to stand men and women at the inlet to stay away from hurting people.
6: CZPT suction device (head) 1-1.5 meters absent, not bendable
7: Ahead of employing the gasoline motor, insert the appropriate volume of oil according to the oil dipstick

Our Positive aspects


Route for use

The pneumatic grain suction equipment is suitable for farms, docks, stations, and big grain depots in the Mechanized operations
for bulk and unloading and bulk discharge including loading, unloading, replenishing, unloading, unwinding, dumping, and foodstuff
processing, feed processing, and beer brewing etc.


Preserving labor, high performance, can be transported to selected area, with perform of air drying and dust
removal.Foods experts and agricultural co-operatives. It can also be utilized on farms, feed factories, foods factories, plastic
factories and other locations.


Packaging & CZPT

Packaging & CZPT

We will pack the CZPT CZPT Auger Plastic Flexible CZPT CZPT into free, Skilled,fumigation-free of charge,and requirements wood case according to product dimensions,and 1 established/situation.If you have specific tools you should just tell us.

Firm Profile

HangZhou CZPT Vibrating CZPT ry CO.,LTD.
The CZPT CZPT CZPT Vibrating CZPT ry Co.,LTD, is specialised in the vibrating display gear,vibration machinery series products producer,from the layout and generation to salesprovide a total assembly line services,dedicated to solved all varieties of sieving difficulty,after years of advancement procedure of the introduction of overseas CZPT d technological innovation to increase the orginal screen,and upgrades,for CZPT er screening requipments in phrases ally produced into a skilled manufacturing company in the market of HangZhou vibrating display.


what is the conveying item capability ?    or the diameter do you want?  we have 100mm(5-7t/h), 120mm(8-10t/h), 160mm diameter(15-20t/h).
And the size that you want?

Idler: A driven wheel that does not transmit electricity by way of a shaft. It spins freely, and most pushed pulleys are linked to other equipment, these kinds of as wheels or drives, by means of driveshafts.
China Dahan Spring Flexible Screw Conveyor Machine for Powder with ce certificate top quality Good price

China 200 Tph Quarry Stone Mining Machine Machinery Equipment Hydraulic HP Spring Cone Crusher for Price with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description


Item Description

Yihan hefty industry cone crusher is mostly suited for crushing tremendous challenging resources with medium hardness and above. The use of ore decides the crushing cavity kind of the crusher. The regular variety is best for medium crushing, medium-sized is ideal for fantastic crushing, and the short head variety is best for extremely-wonderful crushing. This device is a new type and higher efficiency crushing device. It absorbs domestic and foreign mature cone crushing production technological innovation, which has increased performance and more robust procedure stability. And metallurgy, development, hydropower, transportation, chemical, and developing components are commonly used. It is ideal for crushing tough and medium hardness ores and rocks.



Solution Parameters


Desk of requirements and performance parameters
Model Movable
vertebrae Dia
Inlet size
Discharge Gate
Outer Dimension
CS-75B 900 Good eighty three 9-22 forty five-ninety one 75 580 15 2821x1880x2164
Coarse 159 thirteen-38 fifty nine-163
CS-110B 1200 Good 127 9-31 63-188 110 485 20 2821x1974x2651
Intermediate 156 13-38 one hundred-two hundred
Coarse 178 19-51 141-308
CS-160B 1290 Fine 109 13-31 109-181 185 485 27 2800x2342x2688
Intermediate 188 16-38 132-253
Coarse 216 19-fifty one 172-349
CS-240B 1650 Fantastic 188 16-38 181-327 240 485 55 3911x2870x3771
Intermediate 213 22-51 258-417
Coarse 241 twenty five-sixty four 299-635

Functioning Basic principle

Cone crusher function, the rotation of the motor by means of the belt pulley or coupling, cone crusher push shaft, and cone crusher cone in the eccentric sleeve compelled about a set stage for rotary pendulum motion. So that the cone crushing wall is sometimes near, sometimes maintain away from correcting on the mortar wall’s area on the adjustment sleeve. The ore in the crushing chamber is constantly impacting, extruding, and bending to accomplish ore crushing.

Our Benefits

High efficiency
The transferring cone can continuously rotate, Materials crushing and unloading are alternately constant, and production efficiency is substantial.
Lower kinetic strength usage
Content sandwiched in between the two cones, by extrusion, bending, and shear motion, crushing less difficult, reduce CZPT intake.
The very good granularity of the finished merchandise
When the relocating cone rotates, there are parallel belts with equivalent clearance among the moving cone and the fastened cone so that the particle measurement of the completed product is uniform, a dice form, and the put on of the doing work floor of the transferring cone is uniform.
Long service life
Impurities are tough to enter the human body since of using water and dry oil sealing strategies, making certain the cleanliness of lubricating oil, prolonging the services daily life of sliding bearings and thrust ball bearings.

Packaging & CZPT


Business Profile



Q1: Are you a manufacturing facility or trade firm?
A1: We are a manufacturing unit with CE&ISO.

Q2: In which your items have been exported prior to?
A2: Our merchandise have been bought to South Asia, Africa, South CZPT ica, the Middle CZPT , and so on.

Q3: How will you support the CZPT er to install the equipment?
Our senior engineer will provide installation and education providers on the internet or on-website.

Q4: How about the dress in areas provide? 
A4: We will provide the put on parts with factory value.

Q5: What about following-sale support? 
A5:12 months warranty for all kinds of goods.

Q6: How to get the free of charge solution and quotation? 
A6: Make sure you ship an inquiry to us, depart your Whatsapp and email, CZPT income manager will get in touch with you inside 1 hour.


Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and translates according to the motion of the pulley or belt. This is generally utilized in blocking and tackle systems, which I will describe later.
China 200 Tph Quarry Stone Mining Machine Machinery Equipment Hydraulic HP Spring Cone Crusher for Price with ce certificate top quality Good price

China PCBA Assembly Machine Juki 2050 2060 Gas Spring a RF30 3z01 40110174 with ce certificate top quality Good price

Item Description

PCBA assembly equipment CZPT 2050 2060 Gas SPRING A RF30 3Z01 40110174

Solution Description


Product title JUKI 2050 2060 Fuel SPRING A RF30 3Z01 40110174
Situation First new
Utilization Juki placement machine CZPT Component add-ons
Top quality a hundred% tested
Deal Carton Box or wood situation
Element quantity 40110174
Payment Paypal, CZPT ern CZPT , TT, L/C and and many others.
Delivery UPS, DHL, FedEx, convey supply, sea, and air transport.
Software SMT PCB Assembly Production Line, Juki placement machine spare elements accessories


Comprehensive solution category for you to choose from
one Placement device feeder 13 LED select and location machine
2 SMT placement equipment fourteen Wave soldering CZPT
three SMT AOI fifteen SMT coating equipment
4 SMT SPI 16 SMT cleaning equipment
five SMT stencil printer seventeen SMT label mounter
six SMT reflow oven eighteen PCB reducing device
seven SMT X-Ray 19 PCB laser device
8 SMT feeder 20 PCB handling equipment
9 SMT nozzle 21 SMT mounter
10 SMT digital camera 22 SMT add-ons
11 SMT sensor 23 Placement device add-ons
twelve SMT motor 24 And so forth.

Welcome to consult.

Detailed Photographs

Other juki elements:
40046619 MOUSE HINGE
40046625 Switch PANEL R PRINT FIG
40046643 CG2 GREASE
40046644 ZM RUBBER
40046646 FILTER
40046648 CZPT OFFSET Manager(70)
40046649 CZPT OFFSET Manager(eighty)
405710 T3.5 JIG SPACER JIG
405711 T16.5 JIG SPACER JIG
4057109 CABLE BEAR Y
4057173 CZPT _LABEL
4057186 CABLE BEAR X
4057196 CB_Assistance_B_S
forty 0571 07 LNC HEAD ASM Forex-three
40 0571 15 OCC_LENS_ASSY
forty 0571 sixteen OCC_Light-weight_ASSY
40 0571 17 HMS_ASSY
forty 0571 19 OCC_ASSY
forty 0571 35 SOLENOID_VALVE
forty 0571 39 OCC_LENS_BRACKET
forty 0571 71 CZPT IFOLD_VALVE_A_ASM
forty 0571 07 PWB_XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. S-A
forty 0571 08 PWB_XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. S-B
forty 0571 eleven PWB_XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS._PLATE_S-A
forty 0571 21 PWB_XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS._J
40 0571 25 PWB_Inner_A
forty 0571 26 PWB_Inner_B
forty 0571 31 PWB_XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS._IN-OUT
forty 0571 35 CONVEYOR_BELT_S
40 0571 36 CONVEYOR BELT J
forty 0571 37 CONVEYOR BELT IN/OUT
forty 0571 38 CONVEYOR_BELT_IN/OUT-W
forty 0571 forty two Travel_PULLEY
forty 0571 72 STOPPER_CHIP_B
40 0571 ninety six RAIL_STAND_PLATE
4057160 XY_DRIVER_Device
4057136 XY DRV Unit (EN) ASM
4057138 Basic safety Device Body ASSY
4057160 Protect_RB_C
4057170 Lcd_BRACKET_F
4057171 Liquid crystal display_BRACKET_R
4057181 Go over_SB_R
4057182 Protect_SB_A
4057184 Go over_SB_B
4057194 Cover_FB_B
457109 Gas SPRING
457116 Cover_SB_L
457145 Correcting_PLATE(HSM)
457153 UP_SENSOR_Continue to be
457154 Travel_CYLINDER(FX3)_ASM
457173 FS_PLATE
4057125 HEAD_Prime_Cover_R
4057126 HEAD_Top_Protect_R
4057129 CB_Assist_SHEET_T
4057134 XM_Base_B
4057157 HTP_POLE_A
4057192 Y_Fix_STOPPER
4057189 CZPT SW(F) ASM
4057102 ETHER-Major PCB ASM
4057106 HEAD-Main PCB ASM
4057108 OCC A Light PCB ASM
4057112 OCC C Light-weight PCB ASM
4057118 Base-Carry PCB ASM
4057120 Operation PCB CZPT ASM
4057122 CZPT PCB ASM

Packaging & CZPT

We use wood circumstance packaging, vacuum packaging, carton packaging, and other combinations
make certain that the goods will not be destroyed for the duration of transportation.


Firm Profile

ZheJiang Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.g CZPT Co., Ltd is concentrating on the world-wide Placement machine business.
Our business is a high-conclude brand name manufacturer of automated AOI visible inspection gear and a global provider of CZPT equipment, which integrates R & D, production, income, and services. The firm’s R & D crew is composed of abroad and domestic senior Vision specialized professionals, has many many years of R & D and manufacturing experience in the AOI visual inspection gear sector, and the main engineering has attained a quantity of creation and software patents. At the very same time, it also operates CZPT makes of CZPT whole-line equipment leasing company, CZPT maintenance business, CZPT accessories company.



Our Positive aspects


one. Model reliable assure
2. CZPT ization is acceptable
3. Expert specialized and sales group
4. CZPT CZPT  brand and solution assist
5. Over fifteen many years expertise, good quality assure.
six. Total variety of products, enough inventory, and CZPT supply time

Model Companion



1. What products can you supply? 
Placement CZPT Feeder, CZPT Placement CZPT , CZPT AOI, CZPT SPI, CZPT Stencil Printer, CZPT Reflow Oven, CZPT X-Ray, CZPT Feeder, CZPT Nozzle, LED Pick & Location CZPT , Wave Soldering CZPT , CZPT Coating CZPT , CZPT CZPT ing CZPT , CZPT Label Mounter, PCB Chopping CZPT , PCB CZPT Printer CZPT , PCB Managing CZPT , CZPT Mounter Revenue: Placement CZPT , Placement CZPT Equipment, CZPT Add-ons.

two. Can I get a sample? what is your MOQ?
Yes, the sample is CZPT , CZPT MOQ is 1 piece 

three. How CZPT will it take to provide the items?
About 1 to 7 doing work times. 

four. What varieties of makes of elements can you offer? 
We have CZPT , Juki, Yamaha, Samsung, CZPT , CZPT , CZPT , CZPT , and many others.

five. What is the guarantee of CZPT equipment components?
We supply 6 months guarantee on new accessories and 3 months on 2nd accessories, true life relies upon on operating and routine maintenance. If it can not work soon after newly obtained, free replacement would be despatched right away or refund



Following Product sales Provider

24 hrs online, swift reaction, guaranteed warranty for you!

For much more details, you should go to CZPT  Official site





Idler: A driven wheel that does not transmit electrical power via a shaft. It spins freely, and most pushed pulleys are connected to other gear, these kinds of as wheels or drives, through driveshafts.
China PCBA Assembly Machine Juki 2050 2060 Gas Spring a RF30 3z01 40110174 with ce certificate top quality Good price

China High Speed Automatic Continues Dry Type Steel Wire Straight Line Metal Wire Drawing Machine for CO2 Welding Wire Spring Wire with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

one. LZ-9/1200 Strand Drawing CZPT CZPT er Record

2. Technical parameters

two.1. Drawing Block diameter and quantity of blocks: φ1200mm ,9 blocks.

2.2. Inlet wire diameter: φ14-φ9, outlet diameter:φ9-φ3.

2.3. Max compression ratio 21%, Min.fifteen%.

2.4. Designed pace 8m/s, doing work speed 5-7m/sPay-off pace ~ 2 m/s.


Wire dia.
of  dies
Aver.purple. Material
Eff. Actual
input output kg/hour t/yr t/yr
8 three.18 eighty four.2% 9 18.fifty four% 0.82 7 75% 1178 8480 16960
eleven four.25 eighty five.1% 19.05% seven 2104 15146 35713
12 four.25 87.5% twenty.sixty% seven 2104 15146 35713
12.five five.05 eighty three.7% eighteen.24% six 2546 18330 36661
twelve.five five.05 eighty three.7% eighteen.24% 6 2546 18330 36661


2.5. Inlet wire energy: less than 1250MPa  Outlet wire toughness 1960 MPa

two.6. Cooling type:

Drawing Block cooling: utilizing forced circulation h2o and unbiased air cooling, with water stream display drinking water flow sensor, this sensor switches off the drawing machine when the water pressure and water flow dropsDrawing Block temperature: max 30°C

Die box cooling: close-kind water cooling, with water movement screen

2.7. Start & regular stop time: 5-30s crisis stop: 3s


2.8. Equiped with synchronizing shell out-off and take-up equipment


two.9. Spool size (in just take-up spooler): 

Ø five hundred(barrel) X 964(overall width) X  Ø 1250(flange), internal dia. Ø120, spool fat: 3500 kg

2.ten. Each group drawing machine can be jog managing or hyperlink operating


two.eleven. With corrector, and meter counter counter precision .1%


three. Main components


3.1. Pay-off stand: 

non twisting structure, fly jib and horizontal mixture

three.1.1 Shell out-off max. Load: 5T

three.1.2 Shell out-off stand whole size: 9000 sliding beam duration: 6000

three.1.3 Fly jib threading lever has a guidebook pulley.


three.2. Wire drawing unit

three.2.1. Drawing machine rack

Every drawing device works as an impartial rack, 1st-9th rollers slanting set up, Wire accumulation top of drawing blocks: about 300mm,The ninth rail is assembled with the guide roller

three.2.2. Drawing motor

Motor CZPT : NO.1-9, a hundred and ten KW rotating velocity: 960rpm,Electricity source 380V 50HZ

three.2.3 Reducer CZPT

Reducer CZPT vertical input output vertically upward cone cylindrical equipment transmission as hardened reducer to guarantee the provider lifestyle of 30,000 hrs. Reducer sounds is considerably less than eighty five db Equipped with lubricating oil pump, filter and oil cutting-off protection. Reducer CZPT lubricating oil applies L-CKD320(GB5903-1995).

three.2.4. Drawing block

 All the capstan materials: Forging steel 42CrMo alloy steel, area hardening, hardness ≥ HRC58, guaranteeing accrued line peak greater than 300, and the services life much more than 3 yeas.The inside surface area of all the Drawing Blocks has anticorrosive coating

three.2.5. CZPT admirer

Admirer: CZPT 2.2KW, unbiased air cooling

3.2.6 Sensor

German Turck CZPT -contact sensor, roller applies GCr15

3.3. Dies box

3.3.1. Steel plate welded framework, drawing die dimensions: Æ70´40mm No drinking water leakage All set moulds. All near-sort mould cooling.

three.3.2. 1th and ninth dies box  are geared up with rotating dies, other folks are equipped with motors to stir the drawing powder

3.3.3. Dies box can be modified in the wire running route up and down,left and right

3.3.4. Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. wheel assembled in CZPT of the mould box (content GCr15, hardness ≥HRC60). NO. 2-8 can operate wire-bounce operation.


3.4. Straightener

Straightener roller: 7+7 vertically and horizontally for each shift.

3.5. Take-up device

 Equiped with organize-wire unit, its overall performance could meet the supporting use of the whole machine, Take-up device CZPT : 1.5/55KW, 1500rpm/min, AC variable frequency , achieving capabilities of pneumatic lifting,limited power and drive off. Line pressure not much less than .4MPa.


Fixed pulley: The shaft is mounted pulley. It can rotate, but can not shift freely in any course.
China High Speed Automatic Continues Dry Type Steel Wire Straight Line Metal Wire Drawing Machine for CO2 Welding Wire Spring Wire with ce certificate top quality Good price

China Lz600 Lz700 Lz800 Lz900 Lz1200 Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine for Spring Wire PC Wire with ce certificate top quality Good price

Merchandise Description

LZ600 LZ700 LZ800 LZ900 LZ1200 Straight Line Wire Drawing CZPT for CZPT Wire Pc Wire
Tel: 17701519738

1. Firm introduction:
Our organization is a big non-public business production CZPT wire drawing devices with much more than 25 years skilled experience. We supply CZPT d wire drawing equipment and superb following-revenue service for Chinese and abroad metallic industry.

We manufacture Pingsheng brand name straight line wire drawing equipment collection, moist wire drawing machines, inverted vertical wire drawing machines, mixed wire drawing machines, OTO kind (Pulley drawing device ) wire drawing machines and related auxiliary machines.

These merchandise are in an eye-catching visual appeal, realistic price, stable functionality, straightforward operation and manufacturing performance and with excellent safety. It has the unexpected emergency braking handle, after there is anything incorrect with the operating, it can be brake routinely.

two. Straight Line Drawing CZPT :


It is the basis of the complete drawing machine models. It is welded by buttress plate, bent metal, part metal. All components are made safety enough to improve the rigidity.

Body processing:

The frame stands on the unique leveling welding plate, weld the steel as foundation of the base plate. Then do the minimal temperature tempering and vibrating remedy to eliminate the welding pressure.

Chilly machining precision is the important factor to understand the higher-speed drawing. Do the milling process for the bottom plane and connecting side of the body. Then clamp the main gap and screw gap of the mounting floor.

Machining finished frame closures group in the painting shop, soreness the anti-rust primer and do the scraping and deburring.

Finally, paint CZPT time topcoat portray in accordance to CZPT er’s colour, hold out for assembling.


Capstan composition

Materials is ZG45 metal casting blank entire body, after quenching and tempering remedy, HB250. Dig 5mm depth on the working surface of capstan, then melt the tungsten, cobalt carbide, overlay welding. Then rough lathing, precision lathing, grinding and sharpening, floor roughness can reach to .08μm, hardening layer height 300mm, depth far more than 3mm, HRC 58-sixty two.

All the floor of capstan is processed by lathe, CZPT -contact and procedure surface’s roughness is 6.3μm, capstan interior wall sprays zinc, can efficiently lessen the development of cooling h2o scale.

Capstan spindle hole towards axis beating up tolerance is ±0.03μm, capstan dynamic balance stage is G6.3.

All the floor of capstan is processed by lathe, CZPT -contact and procedure surface’s roughness is 6.3μm, capstan internal wall sprays zinc, can successfully decrease the development of cooling h2o scale.

Capstan spindle gap towards axis beating up tolerance is ±0.03μm, capstan dynamic balance level is G6.3.

Capstan cooling

The principal shaft of capstan is fixedly set up an upper spiral water jacket, underneath is a water wheel. Capstan is mounted on the spindle, the decrease element of drinking water jacket and capstan inner wall kind ten-15mm drinking water storage. Circulation cooling water from the upper o water jacket to capstan internal wall, the drinking water cabin is loaded with cooling h2o will sufficiently awesome the wounded steel wire. When capstan rotating, spiral groove will preserve the cooling water to increase, then circulation down alongside the capstan wall, discharge the h2o via the upper outlet, forming excellent circulation drinking water cooling.

Drawing Dies

The drawing dies, aside from the finished rolls, all rolls about 8 ° tilt to preserve the wire reel highest sum of plot strains and wire straight toward. Tuning rollers implement anti-pull the wire, to lessen mould drawing drive.

Die box is welded composition, into two cavity. The guide roller is mounted into the side to make sure that steel wire can straight into the drawing die, die holder ought to be modified to wire tangent to enter the drawing rolls tuning roller set up at the entry conclude of the mould foundation tuning roll by a small cylinder set CZPT , tuning the swing of the roller, so that the corresponding sensor output sign to wonderful-tune the speed of change. Tuning roller wire stress by altering the air stress alter, regulation range .fifteen-.6Mpa. The mildew box is also geared up with a stirring device. Tuning roller side of the mold box, a gear reducer solitary-stage capacitance working motor by way of a sprocket, CZPT passed to the stirring arm to stir the mould box, lubrication powder, without having agglomeration have an effect on lubrication.

Safety shield

The shield makes use of complete closed construction which is welded part metal and metal plate. Façade styles hopper and transparent window with 10mm thickness polycarbonate plate. Use hollow rubber strips close to the protect to protect and provide as a buffer.

Fulcrum layout harmony spring system, via changing the equilibrium spring pivot situation, can obtain the defend is shut flippantly.

Defend is provided with protective make contact with switch. It really is a device for realizing mechanical locking at operate time. (When machine is operating with shield opened, the device immediately drop velocity managing or parking, recover standard soon after closing it. When it opens, the unit can only jog.)

3. Wire drawing device images

four. CZPT nical parameters

five. Similar format

six. Contacy methods

Sophia Zou

Advertising and marketing Supervisor


Tel: 17701519738

Internet site: pingsheng1985.en.made-in-china.com or pingsheng1985.en.manufactured-in-china.com 

Include: ninety eight-1, Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Highway, CZPT zone, Shuofang, CZPT wu District, HangZhou, ZheJiang Province, CZPT .


Mounted pulley: The shaft is fixed pulley. It can rotate, but are not able to transfer freely in any path.
China Lz600 Lz700 Lz800 Lz900 Lz1200 Straight Line Wire Drawing Machine for Spring Wire PC Wire with ce certificate top quality Good price